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Singapore had just opened the Goh Keng Swee Academy for teachers in a bid to improve the teaching quality. After having looked at the kind of trainers we hire in our organization (who are rated some of the best according to our students), I’ve come to a conclusion that it is probably impossible to have 50,000 teachers who are passionate, dedicated and energizing to students.

Still, you can’t shun away from the need to enhance delivery methods. A good teacher has to have several tools in their presentations. Our teachers training will encompass a few that not only engage, but also inspire.

Why is it necessary to improve in delivery?

Firstly, it enables a listener to get drawn into the subject. So, as a teacher, having this delivery method could enable you to pique a student’s attention. Having said that, https://miracleshome.org/ the argument in the delivery also needs to be sound. Powerful rhetoric makes a student more persuaded to a particular point of view that (1) influences them to do something they never thought of doing before, (2) models for them the ability to persuade effectively.

Secondly, teachers who are only able to focus on the content of what is being delivered rather than to add realism to it (such as personal experiences, real world experiences) will probably go the way of the dinosaurs. Sure, a physics teacher once said “it’s not required of me to be inspiring – I’m merely dealing with numbers”. Well, mind you – there is a TV series just using numbers to fight crime. The question here is: are you creative enough (or bothered enough) to come up with something that engages and inspires. This takes proper deliberation and some useful tools and methods that are covered in our teacher’s training have helped teachers become more effective in their delivery of even the most technical idea.

Thirdly, if a learner is turned off by a teacher,  the teacher-student relationship in jeopardy. This is probably one of the most important factors in ensuring that a student continues to have a sense of love for a subject. I’ve often seen how some students stop learning a subject simply because their teacher is said to be “boring”. Of course, every teacher has their own way of delivery, and I know there are motivating speakers who are just as much a “turn off” to the student. It is necessary for the teacher to know that nurturing the teacher-student relationship requires more than just a public speaking training.

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